Voucher for the best restaurants, hotels and spas

A voucher system that adapts to the restaurant's colors, language and logo. Can be embedded directly on your website and offers customers the experience they expect.

Click here and experience what it's like ordering through Muto Cards.

Built for busy days

Muto Cards is designed in collaboration with restaurateurs. We know that it helps in everyday life when gift cards are automated. All of our customers have experience an increase of at least 25% in gift card sales.

Online payment

No card agreements and electronic card terminals. We support all the known card automatically. You receive money from every gift card at your bank account after only seven days, often before.


Sell gift cards all day, all year

From a click on your website, customers can buy gift cards throughout the day, from all over the country - even the whole world. Use your time on the guests in the restaurant and let us take care of them online.


We handle shipping

We'll send gift cards in an email when your customer orders - or a real letter if they choose so. The customer can of course write a personal message on the card.


Easy overview

You can quickly check and redeem the gift certificate when the recipient comes in. Use our easy dashboard on mobile, tablet or computer. We encrypt all data and traffic, so both you and your customers can shop in safety.


What do you get with Muto Cards?


Online shop

We create your online store on your own website, as a natural extension, and while you set the table and serve your guests, we improve the experience on the web.



We send cards automatically made to be printed out. We even work with a professional printing company, which can send gift cards for only 40 kroner extra.



Just as you have years of experience in the hospitality industry, we have 15 years of experience in digital products. We know what it takes to create security and quality on the web.

Works on mobile

In Denmark, the sales made from mobile almost doubled in three years. Last year alone gift cards grew by 30%. Muto Cards is designed for both mobile devices and real computers.