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Frequently asked questions

What happens to unredeemed gift cards?

It is entirely up to you how you handle unredeemed gift cards, because we transfer the money from each sale to you immediately. Every year we see that gift cards are not used, and it can simply be regarded as pure profit. Muto Cards can always redeem gift cards that have not already been used - so you make the rules.

How do I get the money from Muto Cards?

We would never keep your money needlessly. Therefore we send you the money right away, so you can get your profit. Due to our high security and banking infrastructure, it may take up to seven days before you receive the money in your bank account.

How do I get my gift card system on my website?

That's very simple. We have prepared everything, so it's like inserting a Facebook link on your website. Muto Cards handle the rest, and guarantee that it looks nice when the customer orders a gift card.

How much does Muto Cards?

Our prices are percentage based. Managing payments online costs a transaction fee. Our percentage covers all your use of Muto Cards and our ongoing support and product development. It is totally risk free because you do not pay unless you sell. Our rate is tailored to your business.