You are in good company

Join the best restaurants and hotels in Denmark, which uses Muto Cards to manage their gift cards.

A selection of customers who have chosen Muto Cards because they cherish their brand.

Why do so many good restaurants chose Muto Cards?

We asked some of our customers why they chose Muto Cards as their voucher system.


We are perfectionists. We have launched digital products to some of the largest companies worldwide. By involving users in our design, we create greater security to achieve the best user experience. We are adept innovative developers and designers who know how important even the smallest details have. Muto Cards is continuously improved.



Muto Cards is the only product on the market that is directly integrated on your website. We have done this because we know that users are confused if they leave your site to order gift certificates. Muto Cards are a natural extension of your website, which helps to create a secure buying experience.


Your money, your account

Muto Cards are quite unique in the way our payment method is actually directly integrated with your bank. This means that the money for each sale are sent directly to your bank account. That's how it should be, it's your profit.